Hong Kong IPO and Pre-IPO

*Hong Kong IPO*

Criteria to apply

- Certified Accredited Investor (S$300k annual income, or $2m net asset, or $1m net financial asset)
- Deposit S$200k and convert to HKD, regardless of number of shares allocated

Due to the above restrictions, it's more feasible for most people to trade during in the "Pre-IPO" window, which is from 415pm to 630pm one day before actual listing in HK.

Calendar of Upcoming HK IPOs


*Hong Kong Pre-IPO Trading*

"Pre-IPO" takes place after the IPO shares allocation and 1 day before actual listing.

Phillip clients who had successfully bid for the shares during the IPO may sell to other Phillip clients during the "Pre-IPO" window.

- Date: 1 trading day before actual listing
- Time: 415pm-630pm

Depending on market sentiment, it is possible to get better price than first day listing during the Pre-IPO window.

How to access HK Pre-IPO in POEMS:

- Log in POEMS > Trade LP2 > Stocks > Exchange > HK Pre-IPO

(Name and Price of the stocks will appear on this page at 415pm if there is Pre-IPO trading that day)

Settlement process will be the same as buying HK stocks. If bought during Pre-IPO window, date of actual listing will be recorded as transaction date.
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