Join Robin's Trading Community

Dear Readers,

Robin and team would like to invite you to join our trading community! 

1) Chat Group for Clients
  • "RHO Traders Group" is a Telegram chat group where Robin shares live market moving news and insights.
  • If you are interested to join the chat group, you just need to open a *CDP linked* POEMS trading account under Robin's code "MR", details below.
2) Benefits for Active Clients
  • If you have a last trade done in the past 3 months via your account with us, we will send you exclusive emails of handpicked researched reports and trade plans.

You may follow the steps below to open your trading account with us.

Account Opening with Robin Ho
  • Download POEMS 2.0 app on your phone.
  • Click on "open live account".
  • If you are using a computer, go to an account/?TR=MR
  • Select "Cash Management" account type. This is the default account type which is linked to your CDP (Central Depository) account.
  • We will reject all "Cash Plus" account applications.
  • Enter your CDP account number.
  • Select "multi-currency" facility.
  • Enter Robin's remisier code "MR".
  • Follow the instructions and attach a photo of your signature.
  • It is faster if you use MyInfo to submit your application.
  • If you did not use MyInfo to submit your application, you need to do a one time bill payment of $1 to "Phillip Securities Pte Ltd", key in reference number 0000000 (seven zeros). This is for Phillip to verify your identity with the bank. The $1 will be deposited into your new POEMS account.

How to Join the Chat Group

After submitting your account application, you may email to:, cc: the following details:
  • POEMS account number with Robin (code MR)
  • Your full name
  • Telegram unique user name starting with “@” (e.g. @johnsmith, see picture below)
  • Handphone number
  • Wait for our reply to be added to that chat group
Take a look at the POEMS Guide we have prepared for you. See you soon!

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