Monday, December 9, 2013

Market Opinion

Investors continue to stay away from Singapore market inspite of Dow Jones strong rebound,, favouring Japan and North Asia. The overnight US 10 YT spike to 3 month high of 2.93% did not argur well for Singapore Reits and yield stocks. Blumont's rebound provided some shine to some penny stocks. Vallianz blown up volume seems to indicate a short term peak has been reached, most of the distribution done at 0.132, won't turn bullish until it close above this level. Hankore was particularly strong today but 0.073-0.074 level is a huge resistance. Mermaid continue its strong uptrend on the back of it's good 3Q results, strong support at 0.415, will put a stop at 0.41. Ezra closed high today, could be interesting watch tommorrow, BB may roll over last weeks big volume trade which is due next 2 days!
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