Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Start of the Bear Market

The market meltdown that this blog has been warning over the last 1 month has finally showed sign of capitulation. Short-term relief rally quickly fizzled out, coupled with many  intraday reversal which is not common in the price action of the US markets over the last 7 years. The Russell 3000, S&P400 Mid-cap, NYSE & Dow Jones Transports have already broken below their August / September / October 2015 lows . The market topping patterns is evident and bear market structure looks firmly in place. Any rebound rally will not alter the bearish broader stock-market structure. If the market fails to have a sustained rebound with the current short-term extremes, it would imply that markets are in the midst of a early stage bear market Waterfall  type of fall. This blog maintained selling into rally as the  strategy to adopt now.

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