Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Master the Markets Course 2017 Second Intake - Testimonials

We just wrapped up the last of 5 sessions of intensive lessons of my Master the Markets course yesterday. I am glad that my students have benefited from this course. Here are some photos and testimonials from my students!

"It's very useful. I have learned a lot of things and I am trying to digest all the information that I have gathered in the course. I will probably come back for another course!" ~Clarence

"This is my second time attending Robin's course. I think there is more that I can learn from Robin's wealth of knowledge, and boy... it was really worth my time!" ~Chris

"This is my second time in the course. I thought I learned a lot from the first course, but this time it was even better! I would like to encourage all my other classmates, if you have missed this time round, please come back again. It is definitely worth it!" ~Vivian

"I have attended many seminars, so far I find that those seminars, they were just trying to sell products, so they taught you to follow the computer signals strictly. For Robin's course, it was very different from what I have attended before. ..what he taight was really a life skill!" ~Inn Heng

Here are some testimonials on my active traders chat group!

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