Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rowsley Goes One Round Cycle After Five Years!

In Dec 2012 Rowsley announced it will issued shares that come with bonus warrant to fund the acquisition of  RSP architect. Rowsley shares surged from 7c to 75c with a year. After 5 years, the Remisier King is doing it again by issuing billions of shares to fund the purchase of Thonsom Medical and TMC!

This blog was  at in the tick of the action back then and saw how  the stock shot up  the way he did in Dec 2012 on the first 2 days after the announcement and rest before resuming its uptrend. Will Peter Lim do it again? Don't underestimate the remisier king when it comes to 'Financial Engineering'. Rowsley is already worth 4 Billion based on today's price even before the deal is concluded price.

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