Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rowsley - Significant Price and Volume spike - Something Brewing?

Rowsley - Huge volume spike today, something brewing? One possible catalyst is the  conclusion of the deal to inject Peter Lim's  Thomson Medical and TMC  into rowsley.  Another possible catalyst could be new development  from  Vantage Bay Medical Hub in Iskandar. Many people may have forgotten that in Nov 2015 , Peter Lim decided to reconceptualise Vantage Bay Integrated Residential/Commercial development  into a healthcare and medical hub worth $1.65 billion . Since the Nov 15 announcement we have not heard any more news of this project. Could Peter Lim have in his sleeve a grand plan organise all these assets into a formidable regional health care giant?
The volume and price spike today is very significant, is there a corporate development on the horizon? On the Chart, the stock could have bottomed out at 0.11, its strong support is now at 0.115. Today it tested its most significant resistance at 0.121 to 0.124, if it is able to hold above this levels it should head to next resistance at 0.135 to 0.141. This blog has turned bullish on this stock.


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