Saturday, October 5, 2019

Jinxin Fertility - Next Move Upwards Is On The Cards

Jinxin Fertility 1951.HK -  The Next Push Upwards Is On The Cards.
A niche business in the healthcare industry  providing assisted reproductive services such as vitro fertilisation treatment. In 1H19 it booked revenue of Rmb 791.1m, with adjusted net profit of Rmb 256m, representing a 102% increase.

On the chart , the price action is indicating the BB are accumulating the stock after it broke  above its IPO debut high on 8 Sep. This consolidation phase are about to result in a push upwards  to test its Sep high at 12.80.  This blog expect this stock to break above 12.80 that we pave the way to  its next price objective at 13.60 soon.
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