Monday, January 18, 2021

China Railway Construction (CRCC, 1186.HK) Positioning for a rebound?

Like China Mobile, CRCC (1186.HK) finds itself being in the crosshair of the US government.

US funds are barred from investing in CRCC as the company is controlled by the Chinese government.

The stock showed potential signs of bottoming from market capitulation (5 January 2021) trading at low of 4.10 after the stock was being removed from the major index providers such as the S&P, Dow Jones, MSCI and FTSE.

The stock has since rebounded by more than 20% after China enacted new countermeasure rules to shield its companies from “unjustified sanction”.

The stock currently trades at 5.03 (at the point of this write up), the immediate target level could be 5.51. If the stock does breaks 5.51, it could reach target of 5.70 and 6.00 with a long-term target of 6.55.

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