Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Inflation on the rise

Inflation is on the rise , question is, does the market really care. Obviously, it hasn’t cared yet. I think it’s the biggest risk. Nobody is really bother because of the belief there will be fiscal stimulus and that it’s going to be highly supportive of economic growth and the stock market.

The House has just given its approval to Biden's 1.9 trillion stimulus plan and when this money gets into the hands of the American people it will unleash another wave of spending spree that will cause prices of goods and services to skyrocket.
The US ISM Manufacturing Price Paid Index was up 5.8% MoM and 54% YoY in January to the highest level since April 2011 . While core inflation in the Eurozone soared to 1.4% YoY in January, way above expectations

On Wednesday (Feb 3, 2021) , the 5-year breakeven inflation rate, a Treasury market metric of inflation expectations, was at 2.30, the highest since April 2013. That means market pros expect inflation to average 2.3% over the next five years. The measure compares the 5-year Treasury yield to the TIPS note of the same duration.

The market has not priced in the ballooning debts but rather the positive outcome of the relieve stimulus package.

If inflation gets too hot, that could turn into a negative for stocks, and it would crimp corporate earnings by pressuring margins

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