Saturday, May 25, 2019

Happy Birthday RHO Index Key Levels!

Today we are celebrating the 1st anniversary for RHO Index Key Levels!
The RHO Index Key Levels is the first intraday trading strategy that trades major stock indices like the Hang Seng Index, MSCI Singapore Index, FTSE China A50, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq Tech 100 and S&P 500.
Over the year, we have served over 300 subscribers, allowing them to ride on the intraday movement of these major Asian and US indices.
The idea was simple: Instead of scalping a few points on each trade, the potential day highs and lows for these indices were sent to subscribers before the start of each day.
When the price reaches these levels, subscribers can then take an intraday trade with less risk and higher potential returns!
When we first started, all we had were the predictions sent before each trading session. There were no further alerts, and subscribers had to track the movement of the prices and enter the trade when the levels were hit.
Fast forward to today, we've evolved into a full fledged trading system with intelligent real-time buy and sell calls, incorporating the proprietary trading strategy of Singapore's renowned trader Mr Robin Ho.
Backtesting using our new algorithm, our one year performance has been rewarding. 5 of the 6 indices covered made a profit, with our best performer SIMSCI yielding a 79.6% win rate and making over *250% return!
Just over the past 1 month from 24 April to 23 May, if you have followed the signal calls strictly, from the actual performance, the gross return is *SGD$4742 with a capital of just *SGD$22202, with a maximum drawdown of 2.56%.
Our simple idea is now revolutionising the way people trade, and created a new way for retail investors to seek profit from the market on a intraday basis, under any market condition.
With this solution, anyone can trade better than professional traders.
* Returns are gross figures based on POEMS CFD margin requirement and contract size (excludes broker commissions)
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