Friday, March 11, 2022

How RHO Trade Plan correctly call a sell on DBS (SGX: D05) near its peak and took profit close to the recent bottom.

DBS hit a peak at 37.49 on 14 February.
RHO Trade Plan identified the start of a downtrend on 25 February and a short call was made at 34.95.
Using RHO propriety price action strategy, we identified our profit targets and cut loss levels. They were spot on, with DBS hitting three out of the four targets set out in the trade plan (gaining more than 11% in slightly more than 1 week).
What’s more? When the third target at 31.05 was hit, DBS pull off a sharp rebound, and we then took all our profit.
In a volatile market like this, it’s so important to understand how to create a good trade plan to identify precisely when to enter and exit your trade.
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