Checklist Foreign Listed Instruments

Checklist to start trading foreign listed instruments

  1. Acknowledge risk for trading foreign markets
    - Acct Mgt > Stocks tab > RWS Acknowledgement

  2. Declare you are not a US Tax Resident
    - Acct Mgt > Stocks tab > Online Forms > US tax forms > W8 Ben form

  3. Apply for free US live price
    - Acct Mgt > Market Data and Rewards tab > New Rewards Subscription
    - Select $0 / 0 point item: US – AMEX,NASDAQ, NYSE Live Price (Non-Professional)
    - Do not leave blank for occupation details, must write something

  4. Acknowledge risk for trading US pre-market - NEW, starting 1st July 21
    - Acct Mgt > RDS-Extended Hours 

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