Friday, May 31, 2019

How I made almost $20k SGD in 3 days with a simple trade plan

I would like to share how I used a simple trade plan to trade the Hang Seng Index, and make a decent profit in just 3 days!

In this chart, you can see Hang Seng Index hitting the resistance of my trend channel, where I opened a short position of 480,000 shares with the Hang Seng Index 7X short DLC.

If you are new to DLC, DLC stands for Daily Leverage Certificate. It is traded on the Singapore Stocks Exchange, and allows you to long or short selected indices or single stocks with up to 7x leverage factor.

For this DLC trade, I bought 480,000 shares of the 7X Short Hang Seng Index DLC at $1.535. The next day, I sold them at $1.572, reaping a total profit of SGD $16,716.

The second trade is an intra-day trade I did today, 31 May 2019. I shorted Hang Seng Index at 27096 with Phillip CFD, and covered the positions within the same day with an intra-day profit of HKD$19,765 (approx. SGD$3400).

Hence you can see that trading doesn't have to be complicated. With a simple trade plan, we can all trade better!

Today is the last day for you to lock in the promotional rate for our RHO Index Key Levels trading signals. 

It is our proprietary trading robot which gives subscribers step by step guidance to enter their trades, take profit and stop loss. 

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Dear readers, ­

We are pleased to announce that after one year since RHO Index Key Levels trading signals was first launched, it has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a sophisticated system that provide step by step guidance, real time!

Now, with precise entry and take profit signals, traders can have more free time to do what they love instead of glueing their eyes to the screen. They are only called to action when prices hit potential inflection points. They can find in RHO robot a tireless trading partner who helps them trade in an objective and disciplined manner.

We have a string of good results recently. For instance, take a look at FTSE China A50 predictions on Monday. Both our predicted day high and day low were hit, covering an intra-day range of 318 points. On top of that, subscribers received 3 take profit signals for the first trade, followed by a bonus second trade after it had reversed from the day high.

In the coming months, we have exciting plans lined up for RHO signals, such as the roll out of our auto trading robot, and the introduction of more varieties of signals.

Hence, we would llike to invite you to join us on this journey. To reward subscribers who got on board early, those who sign up before 31 May 2019 will be able to lock in the promotional rate of $149 per 3 months for RHO Index Key Levels basic subscription package.

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Lets trade better together!

Robin Ho

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Happy Birthday RHO Index Key Levels!

Today we are celebrating the 1st anniversary for RHO Index Key Levels!
The RHO Index Key Levels is the first intraday trading strategy that trades major stock indices like the Hang Seng Index, MSCI Singapore Index, FTSE China A50, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq Tech 100 and S&P 500.
Over the year, we have served over 300 subscribers, allowing them to ride on the intraday movement of these major Asian and US indices.
The idea was simple: Instead of scalping a few points on each trade, the potential day highs and lows for these indices were sent to subscribers before the start of each day.
When the price reaches these levels, subscribers can then take an intraday trade with less risk and higher potential returns!
When we first started, all we had were the predictions sent before each trading session. There were no further alerts, and subscribers had to track the movement of the prices and enter the trade when the levels were hit.
Fast forward to today, we've evolved into a full fledged trading system with intelligent real-time buy and sell calls, incorporating the proprietary trading strategy of Singapore's renowned trader Mr Robin Ho.
Backtesting using our new algorithm, our one year performance has been rewarding. 5 of the 6 indices covered made a profit, with our best performer SIMSCI yielding a 79.6% win rate and making over *250% return!
Just over the past 1 month from 24 April to 23 May, if you have followed the signal calls strictly, from the actual performance, the gross return is *SGD$4742 with a capital of just *SGD$22202, with a maximum drawdown of 2.56%.
Our simple idea is now revolutionising the way people trade, and created a new way for retail investors to seek profit from the market on a intraday basis, under any market condition.
With this solution, anyone can trade better than professional traders.
* Returns are gross figures based on POEMS CFD margin requirement and contract size (excludes broker commissions)
Join us for a free trial of the RHO Index Key Levels at

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Apple Could Be The "Whipping Boy" In This Trade War

The risk of Apple turning out to be the “Whipping Boy” in this US China Trade spat is high . China has threatened to retaliate without giving details and It's hard to imagine China won't respond in kind and ban the sale of Chinese manufactured goods to U.S. companies. That would be a catastrophic for Apple (AAPL).. This is because many of Apple's suppliers build those parts in China. though the company's iPhones and iPads have components that come from all over the world. Foxconn and Pegatron, are 2 major companies that do their final assembly in China
 If China decides to retaliate and ban  goods manufactured  from being sold  to U.S. companies, Apple's iPhone and iPad production capabilities. would face serious setback. In 2018, the iPhone made up 62.1% of the company's revenue, while the iPad made up 6.9%...
The whole of  Apple supply chain such as Xilinx (XLNX), Inphi (IPHI), Micron Technology (MU), Qualcomm (QCOM), Skyworks Solutions (SWKS),  Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM), to name a few...could be adversely affected

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Monday, May 20, 2019

In 8 Days Time $15 Billion Could Be Added To Chinese Stocks

MSCI announced plans to increase weightings of Chinese A shares in a 3 steps process that will begin on 28 May and the change will happen in 10 days time. On 28 May the weighting will double to a 1.8% up from the current weighting of 0.9%. This shift will cause billions to be added to the China A share and we are talking about $15 billion of new money. 

you are probably wondering.....the Chinese Stocks are  free falling from the renewed escalation of the US-China trade war. How can the Chinese stocks be going up?

Yes the current negative headwind will continue to weight on stocks but Sifu believe that Trump wants a strong market and needs to reach a deal with China eventually to achieve his re-election goals.

Watch the market as it approaches the 28 May deadline, Sifu expects a strong rebound as the market sentinments shifts towards the positive impact  of new money coming into the chinese market. 

Of course Sifu is not intending to hold Chinese Stocks for indefinitely as  long as the headwind of trade war continues to take centrestage, only suggesting there is a good probably of a rebound when we approach nearer to 28 May. Happy Trading and Happy Vesak Day

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Tencent - Technical Breakdown !

Broke strong support at 375. Could be heading for next support at 347 and 334
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Monday, May 13, 2019

Guide to RHO Index Key Levels Strategy and POEMS Platform Training

Upcoming Seminar

Date: 18 May 2019, Saturday,

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Venue: Raffles City Office Tower level 6

You will learn:

- How to place trades on Phillip Securities' POEMS trading platform, including advanced order types such as stop loss and OCO orders

- Basics of trading Contract For Difference (CFD)

- Basics of trading Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC)

- Tips on managing your investment and trading portfolio

- Guide to RHO Index Key Levels strategy (new!)
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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

US - China Trade Talk - Friday 1201 pm is Make or Break.

US-China trade talk –Friday at 1201pm Is Make Or Break
For weeks now , Trump has been telling us again and again that trade talk is going well. The market was caught by surprised when Trump roll the market with his tweet  threatening to raise the tariff  rate on USD200bn of Chinese exports from 10% to 25% this Friday at 1201 (spore time)  to penalise China for slow progress and attempting to renegotiate its commitment to commit changes required by the trade agreement into Chinese law.  
This blog believe that these threats are most likely a negotiation tactics meant to incentivise a deal more quickly . This blog do not expect the Trump  would allow the talk to colapse after months of hard work, and though there has been a deterioration in trust on both sides,  raising tariffs would be counterproductive. In particular it would make it impossible to secure an agreement from China to increase its purchases of US products. Without such an agreement it would be hard for the Trump , going into next year’s election, to demonstrate that he is ‘winning’ the trade war. If the Trump miscalculates and China walks away from a deal , stocks will colapse in a hurry. US stocks has been up past 5 months , the sharp drop in stocks  after Trump’s tweet suggest that rising hope of a trade deal have been the key reason why.
This blog base case case remains that an agreement will be done  before mid-year. Once the deal is done , the focus will shift to compliance which  will prove difficult and Trade tensions will again escalate .
In the meantime , the tariffs is scheduled to be raise on Friday at 1201 pm (Spore Time), traders should keep a close eyes on the US indices futures market at 1201 pm  for early clue of the outcome and seize the opportunity to take early action.

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