Margin Call

Important Notice Regarding CFD Margin Call 

Margin call is calculated based on the closing price of the previous trading day.

How to check for margin call?

POEMS website (web browser) 
- Click on Account Management > CFD > Account Details (picture 1). 

POEMS Mobile App
- Click on the menu at the top left hand corner > Alert > Account Alerts (picture 2). 

Kindly check your account every morning for margin call. Do not rely on our WhatsApp reminders. 

- For Day 1 margin call, please transfer by 4pm (PayNow, eNets) 
- For Day 2 or immediate margin call, please transfer by 2pm (PayNow, eNets) 

If fund is not received before the cut off time for Day 2 and immediate margin calls, CFD department has the right to liquidate your positions without notice. 

PayNow and eNets are the only methods to transfer fund directly to CFD. 

For all other methods, an additional step of internal fund transfer from stocks to CFD is required.
- Account Management > Stocks > Online Form > Withdrawal Form > Account Number (CFD) 

If you are not using PayNow or eNets, please WhatsApp a screenshot of your payment to us by 2pm so that we can help you to stop the forced liquidation (on best effort basis, no guarantee).

Fund transfer using PayNow
- Unique Entity Number (UEN): 197501035Z
- Bill Reference Number is your 7 digit POEMS account number + “CFD”
e.g. 1234567CFD


For CFD margin call related matters, please refer to:

Picture 1: Checking for CFD Margin Call using POEMS website

Picture 2: Checking for CFD Margin Call using POEMS mobile app

Picture 3: Flowchart of CFD Margin Call

Picture 4: Calculation of CFD Margin Call (Normal Scenario)

Picture 5: Calculation of CFD Margin Call (Immediate)


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