Margin Call

Important Notes Regarding CFD Margin Call

  • Margin call is calculated based on previous day's closing price.
  • For day 1 margin call (activated on day 2 based on day 1 closing price), please transfer the margin call amount before 9pm.
  • If day 1 margin call is not paid, and the margin call is still outstanding based on day 2 closing price, a day 2 margin call will be activated, and you need to transfer fund before 230pm the same day, and screenshot of transfer must be sent to us avoid forced liquidation.
  • Immediate margin call will be triggered if equity balance falls to less than 5% of the Market Portfolio Value, regardless of day 1 or day 2. Once triggered, fund must be transferred before 2.30pm the same day. and screenshot of transfer must be sent to us to avoid forced liquidation.
  • You can check for margin call by logging into POEMS, click on Acct Mgt > CFD tab > Account Details. Look at the "Total" value of "Margin Call" column.
  • In POEMS mobile app, you can set alert for Margin Call.

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