Thursday, July 16, 2015

ROBIN KAKAOTALK TRADERS CHAT GROUP GATHERING - Trading Strategy Update and Market Update

On 11 July I organized the first get-together for the Chatgroup. I updated members with my Trading Strategy and shared the current market trend. This Chatgroup consisting of my clients and students had only 50 people when it was first established in early 2014. Today it had grown to 303 people. It started off as a means of mentoring my students and keeping my clients current with the stock market happenings. Today, it is one of the most active traders’s chatgroup because many of the members are active traders and some fulltime traders. These members helped to contribute timely and relevant market information and stock analysis that comes `Live` which makes trading real, dynamic and exciting. The members shares ideas and trading strategies and we all learn from one another. Thank you to all members for making this chatgroup a great source of help !
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