Friday, March 4, 2016

Fed Renewed Tightening Fear and Super Mario Aggresive Monetary Easing

Last Friday inflation  figures was on the rise and if tonight payroll data again shows rising wage pressures , the market may be  jolted on renewed tightening scare .   The core PCE price index rose in January, the biggest month on month increase in four years.

Of late market attention has been focused on Chinese economy , oil prices, geopolitics. Very little attention is paid to the weakening The Eurozone GDP has started trending down again and CPI inflation has fell into negative zone.

This blog expects Super Mario to follow Japan Kuroda footstep by introducing  aggressive easing on 10 march at the forthcoming ECB

Markets anticipation of Super Mario aggressive easing  monetary policy holding up the stock market current rally, keeping Euro $ weak and pushing investor into GOLD.

This blog continue to believe that the big winner with the introduction of negative interest rates by Central Bankers as a monetary policy  tool is GOLD


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