Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SGX Live Trading Monday with Robin Ho - 6 March 17

Every 3 months I receive invitation from SGX to conduct a live trading session where I would trade with my own money in front of about 200 people. The best outcome would be a profitable intra day trade i.e. 0900 to 1130 which is the duration of the seminar. I would typically trade Hang Seng future because of its volatility. This is probably the 15th time I have traded live in SGX and I have only lost on one occasion. Yesterday I made money again but that's not the important, because the objective is to drive home the point that trading is not a gamble. It is about having a well prepared trade plan and trading the plan. I showed the crowd how I use my proprietary Price action strategy which uses only Price , Volume and psychology of trading to profit from the market in a very short time frame. It was an eye opener for many who witnessed how live prices moved precisely as predicted. My special appreciation to the organizer SGX and those who took special leave to attend the session.

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