Monday, June 19, 2017

Singapore Property Stock Could See Resurgence In Interest.

Singapore residential property index has underperformed the Hong Kong Index since the government imposed cooling measures in 2013. Since the government rolled back some curb in Mar, it has sparked some renewed interest. Government land sales are drawing interest, a Chinese consortium fetched a record price bidding  $1 billion. Spore properties are so cheap now that a `Shoe Box' home in HK can cost as much as a prime property here. Another positives for Spore private residential property is the supply have peaked in 2016 but Why are listed developers selling when prices are in such a doldrums? The reason is under spore rules since 2011, developers must built and sell properties within 5 years failing that they have to pay 10-15 ABSD tax on the land purchase prices, In addition,  developers with foreign shareholders have to meet the Qualifying Certificate rules which requires them to complete construction of Non Government land sales within 5 yrs and sell them within 2 years, failing which they have to pay a 8-24% extension fees of land purchase price to extend  the deadline up to 3 years. All these factors have artificially weighed on property prices, making the prices look cheap compared to Hong Kong. This blog believe as Hong Kong property prices continue to surged,  Singapore properties could benefit for some spillover investment into properties here. KSH, Wing Tai, Wheellock and UOL uptrend is likely to continue.

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