Thursday, October 12, 2017

Second Chance - Most volume traded since 2012! Something Brewing?

Second Chance - Something brewing? Today we witnessed the most heavily traded day in this stock since 2012. 2nd Chance  owns 17 retail shops  City Paza , with Enbloc fever now raging, could City Plaza be next on the block? As the site is very close to Paya Lebar MRT , it is an attractive target for developer. It all depends on whether City Development which owns 30% of  the total value of City Plaza  agrees to the idea. On the chart ,the first resistance at 0.28 which was touched today, the 2nd resistance is at 0.30 followed by 0.33.  Interesting this stock has a warrant which closed  today at 0.15. The exercise price of the warrant is at 0.25 which is "Ìn The Money". If this stock goes to 0.305, the warrant could double in price. What's the game plan of the BB ? This blog will be watching this stock, stay tuned!
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