Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Thomson Medical - warrants back in-the-money

The price action of Thomson Medical (TM) looks interesting these few days. With the existing TM Warrants expiring in April next year, the price of TM has now returned to $0.09, which is the exercise price of TM warrants.

If the price stays above $0.09-$0.095, there could be an opportunity for shareholders to arbitrage by selling their shares and convert their TM warrants into shares at $0.09 in order to receive the piggy-back warrants, which only expires in 3 years. Exercise price of the piggyback warrants is $0.12.

For the piggyback warrants to be listed, 100 shareholders have to exercise their TM warrants. From TM's point of view, investors exercising the warrants will be an important source of funds for its projects.
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