Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Market Outlook Seminar 2nd Half 2013 - Snippets

Singapore reits market due for correction.

Dow Jones typical bull run last 5 years. The current bull run is into its fourth year. This bull market is a "Unloved One", its has been up on thin volume. Those who bailed out during the crisis never got back in!

Dow Jones long term trendlines resistance is at 15650 and 15750.
We could see a sharp correction when DJ touches these levels.

While US property market is just bottoming out, Asia market is a bubble.

Talks of Fed exiting stimulus getting more frequent.
Fed chairman warns investors of the risk of junk bonds. Seems like the Fed Chairman is beginning to be concerned with the "Reaching For Yield" phenomenon, another Bubble in the making!

3 Bearish Charts

Price action indicators pointing to long term downtrend

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