Monday, May 20, 2013

Robin's Seminar on 18 May 2013

It’s was a great turnout, I was touched  by the overwhelming response. I enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces and meeting many new participants. I’m beginning to feel that this event is evolving into one where investor and traders feels at home with people that shares the same passion. It’s great to see many of you of interacting and sharing over tea!
I hope you not only have benefitted from the Market Outlook but the session have led you rethink your Iinvestment directions and to re-evaluate your previous strategies from insights of the trading stratregies you have learned.

I was greatly encouraged with this feedback:
" I have attended 3 of your seminars so far in 2013. Like all attendantees, I left each seminar with satisfaction and valuable takeaways and hooked by your seminars, hee...hee.  We are fancied by your experience, your theory, your extensive knowledge from macro world to tiny details of a company.  We thank you for imparting us those necessary information which are difficult to gather/obtain as a retailer investors....”

I believe those who have attended the session knew that I trade for a living , what they saw was real strategy, real profit and real story!

For every stock trade that takes place, three key pieces of information are
recorded: price, time, and volume. It is from these three pieces of data that we derive all the key information that technical analysts use to examine a stock’s behavior. If you are only looking at prices, then you are throwing out a whole lot of key information. Hope you have learned to appreciate the `One Good Trend' `One Good Vol' and `One Good Bar' Price action strategy during the seminar.

If you have missed this session, I will be posting some key slides/takeaway  tomorrow. Do miss the next talk in 20 Jul 2013!

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