Thursday, May 30, 2019

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We are pleased to announce that after one year since RHO Index Key Levels trading signals was first launched, it has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a sophisticated system that provide step by step guidance, real time!

Now, with precise entry and take profit signals, traders can have more free time to do what they love instead of glueing their eyes to the screen. They are only called to action when prices hit potential inflection points. They can find in RHO robot a tireless trading partner who helps them trade in an objective and disciplined manner.

We have a string of good results recently. For instance, take a look at FTSE China A50 predictions on Monday. Both our predicted day high and day low were hit, covering an intra-day range of 318 points. On top of that, subscribers received 3 take profit signals for the first trade, followed by a bonus second trade after it had reversed from the day high.

In the coming months, we have exciting plans lined up for RHO signals, such as the roll out of our auto trading robot, and the introduction of more varieties of signals.

Hence, we would llike to invite you to join us on this journey. To reward subscribers who got on board early, those who sign up before 31 May 2019 will be able to lock in the promotional rate of $149 per 3 months for RHO Index Key Levels basic subscription package.

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Lets trade better together!

Robin Ho

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