Friday, May 31, 2019

How I made almost $20k SGD in 3 days with a simple trade plan

I would like to share how I used a simple trade plan to trade the Hang Seng Index, and make a decent profit in just 3 days!

In this chart, you can see Hang Seng Index hitting the resistance of my trend channel, where I opened a short position of 480,000 shares with the Hang Seng Index 7X short DLC.

If you are new to DLC, DLC stands for Daily Leverage Certificate. It is traded on the Singapore Stocks Exchange, and allows you to long or short selected indices or single stocks with up to 7x leverage factor.

For this DLC trade, I bought 480,000 shares of the 7X Short Hang Seng Index DLC at $1.535. The next day, I sold them at $1.572, reaping a total profit of SGD $16,716.

The second trade is an intra-day trade I did today, 31 May 2019. I shorted Hang Seng Index at 27096 with Phillip CFD, and covered the positions within the same day with an intra-day profit of HKD$19,765 (approx. SGD$3400).

Hence you can see that trading doesn't have to be complicated. With a simple trade plan, we can all trade better!

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